Plan Right and Get Started

Over the past 30 years, automotive restoration has become big business, with thousands of specialty shops restoring old cars and trucks for profit. But before that, it was done by dedicated enthusiasts, working in their home garage, often in their spare time away from regular day jobs. This tradition is still carried on, and thanks to modern technology, it's easier than ever to restore an old car.

1966 Ford Mustang project

For the weekend hobbyist, it may take several years to complete the same restoration project that a pro shop can complete in six months. Most of us have other commitments, such as families and jobs that take up most of our time, leaving us weekends or an evening or two. But we can get it done.

A Simple Plan Is Better Than No Plan

With limited time and money, it is essential that you make a plan. Completed results always reflect how well a project was thought out.

Try this - think about how you want the car to look when complete, then in reverse order, write down the steps of how that could be accomplished. This is a good way target your goal better.

getting started in old car restoration

Project Car Selection

For most motorheads, turning down any project car is hard, but that's what will separate your next project from ones that fail. Consider your time and your money while selecting a project car. Not many people can realize the effort it will take to finish until they are actually in the middle of a restoration.

1968 AMX at classic car show

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Restoring A Car On A Budget

Yes, you can easily restore a car on a budget, and with the same quality results. It'll just take longer to complete. All of my old car restorations were confined to a specific, but flexible, dollar amount.

Before starting your next old car project, grab a pen and paper and write down a simple budget. Having those dollar figures written down in black and white will help you target the end result better.


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