Automotive How-To Tech Articles

The following articles are written for the mechanically inclined person who already has some experience. Hopefully these will be of some help when confronted with a new challenge.

How To Fabricate Brake Lines

Steel brake lines are vulnerable to corrosion. The problem with the ones you buy in auto parts stores is, they're rarely the exact size that you need.

replace steel brake tubing

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How To Rebuild Wheel Cylinders

Although it is usually faster to replace one than rebuild one, there are several reasons for rebuilding a wheel cylinder. The first is the quality of replacement units.

rebuild wheel cylinder

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How To Rebuild A Steering Cylinder

Rebuilding a power-steering cylinder is less expensive than a replacement unit, and also keeps your classic car as original as possible.

Corvette p/s cylinder rebuild

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Starting A Car That Has Been Sitting A Long Time

Before you pour gas in that old car and try to start the engine, there's several precautions you should take to avoid damaging the motor.

rebuild old car engine

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Replace Ripped Dust Boots

When ball joint or tie rod boots rip or tear, the grease ends up on your car's undercarriage, but worse, the parts wear out much faster. It starts as a creaking or clunking, then worsening to excessive play in the suspension and steering.

replace tie rod dust boots

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How To Spray Paint An Engine

Applying a few coats of paint to your rebuilt engine provides protection as well as good looks. Here's some tips on how to spray paint an engine block and engine components from an aerosol spray can.

best way to paint engine parts

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How To Paint Brake Calipers

Painting calipers is all about surface preparation.

brake restoration, paint brake calipers

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How To Lap Valves

Lapping valves does not take the place of a valve job, but it does confirm whether or not one is needed. It actually takes longer to clean, prepare, and round up the supplies than to actually lap the valves.

old car engine

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Floor Jack Repair

After 25 years of service, my old floor jack stopped holding pressure. Rather than buy a replacement, I decided to repair it.

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repair an old floor jack

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