Old Car Projects

Here's an overview of my old car projects from the last 30 years:


My first old car restoration was a small-block, 4-speed 1970 Chevelle. I purchased this car in 1991, before prices started rising out of the hands of the average enthusiast.

1970 Chevelle muscle car project

The Chevelle was my daily driver for a several years. When I bought it, the rear fender wells had been cut out and fiberglass-mesh fender flares were added. This modification may have been cool in the seventies, but did not belong on this classic muscle car.

muscle car sheet metal

Removing the flares and repairing the quarter panels was the most time-consuming part of the restoration.


In 1993, I had the opportunity to buy a 1965 GTO convertible.

muscle car project

It was weathered, battered, and neglected, but it was a PHS documented, Tripower, 4-speed car.

1965 GTO convertible restoration

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Although we only owned it for three years, this 1979 Fiat Spider provided the most fun per dollar out of all our old car projects.

restore an old car on a budget

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Although not as valuable nor as fast as a C2 or early C3, early eighties Corvettes are fun to drive and affordable, and if you restore one to factory stock, it will increase in value.

1982 Chevy Corvette restoration

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Corvette Crossfire 350 engine

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I regret that I didn't drive this beautiful XKE more than I did. But it was just too valuable. And my feet were too big to operate the pedals with any sort of grace.

1968 Jaguar XKE Restoration

1968 Jaguar XKE Restoration

Zenith-Stromberg Carb Rebuild


1966 Corvette Project

Restore an old Corvette

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