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Classic Car History - In-depth articles, pictures, and information on classic muscle cars, pony cars, sports cars, as well as vintage American trucks.

1957 Chevy Belair

Jeep Lovers Website - Comprehensive and fun guide to choosing, buying, owning and using Jeeps, old and new, off road and on. Recommended viewing for all Jeep Lovers!

Motor Mouth Radio - If you like cars and like to laugh, dial in Chris and Joe's automotive talk show, live Sundays and Thursdays from noon to one. Listen Livestream or download the shows and listen to them anytime! (WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City, Long Island)

Friendly Guide for Muscle Car Buyers - Don't know which muscle car would be best for you to buy and restore? Mopar lovers, you will enjoy this site!

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Classic Motorcycle Build - How-to articles, pictures, history, and information on classic and old-school custom motorcycles.

Speed, romance, beauty, and potentially a profit? No wonder classic car investing is more popular than ever! Before you spend your money, read Investing In Classic Cars.

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Your old car engine needs to be maintained in order to perform it's best and last a long time. Classic car maintenance includes oil changes, correct coolant and coolant level, and a proper tune-up.

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Tools and Equipment

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When I'm working on a project in the garage, one of my other cars may stay outside for weeks at a time. But when it is outside, it's always under a cover.

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read Best Outdoor Car Covers

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Parts and Accessories

Eckler's Corvette Parts and Accessories - 1953 and up Corvette restoration parts and accessories. Also many GM reproduction parts.

Find Vintage Ford Parts at Mac's Auto Parts

Find Camaro Restoration Parts At Rick's Camaro

Finish Your Project Car

For a long-term project to be successful, you need to have a proper mindset. My e-book offers practical tips to help you get on track - and keep you on track with your project car. Read and benefit from my 30+ years of garage projects and old car restorations. Topics include planning, ordering parts, overcoming obstacles, and staying motivated.

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