Classic Car Resources

Along with a well-tuned engine and properly inflated tires, classic car maintenance includes fresh, clean oil and proper coolant.

classic car maintenance

Classic Car Maintenance

Best Oil for Classic Cars


high mileage vs full synthetic oil

Best Oil For Daily Drivers


Garage Workshop

Automotive Restoration Tools and Equipment

Garage Workshop Overview

garage workshop for automotive repair

Set Up Your Garage


Automotive tires have a limited lifespan. Manufacturers suggest that any tires over six-years old should not be driven on at all, regardless of their condition.

Classic Car Tires Overview

Automotive Tire Maintenance

Raised White Letter Tires For Classic Cars

bias-ply tire

Bias Ply Tires


Automotive Restoration Articles:

What Is Old Car Restoration?

Restoration Planning Guide

Restore A Car On A Budget

Project Car Buyers Guide

Restore A Muscle Car


Automotive restorers love old VW Beetles, because they're easy to work on and everything is available. Engines and related components are interchangeable between all air-cooled VW models. Even if an engine block is cracked or damaged, replacement cases are readily available in both cast (original) and aluminum (performance).

VW Beetle project

Restore An Old Beetle


Build A T-Bucket

To build a T-bucket fifty years ago, you'd have to have been a mechanic, welder, and painter, and also know how to lay fiberglass and do upholstery. Today, it's a whole lot easier.

Build A T-Bucket

Build A T-Bucket

Hot Rods and Customs


Recommended Classic Vehicle Sites

Jeep Lovers Website - Comprehensive and fun guide to choosing, buying, owning and using Jeeps, old and new, off road and on. Recommended viewing for all Jeep Lovers!

Harley Sportster project

Classic Motorcycle Build - How-to articles, pictures, history, and information on classic and old-school custom motorcycles.


Go Karts and Mini Bikes

Vintage Go-Kart Build

5hp Briggs motor on old go kart

Restore An Old Go-Kart

Classic Mini-Bike Build

old school mini bike build

Minibike History


Having a battery jump pack with you when traveling means never getting stranded with a dead battery. They're also handy for motorcycles, ATV's, or any other vehicle that doesn't get driven regularly.

1000 amp vs 2000 amp jump starter

Battery Jump Pack Review


Keeping an old vehicle outside subjects them to sun damage, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt and dust. Without a proper cover, your paint can get damaged quickly.

classic car resources

Best Outdoor Car Cover


Motormouth Radio - If you like cars and like to laugh, dial in Chris, Ray, and Joe's automotive talk show, live Sundays from noon to one. Listen Live stream or download the shows and listen to them anytime! (WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City, Long Island)


My Daily Driver

Aside from getting me back and forth to work faithfully and comfortably, my Sport-Trac has transported bicycles, motorcycles, go karts, kayaks, kids, lumber, mulch, furniture, kitchen appliances, engines, transmissions, tires, wheels, and on occasion has made trips to the local dump site.

Ford Explorer Sport-Trac Review

Ford Explorer Sport Trac review

Sport-Trac 4.0 Oil Change