Best Car Cover for Outdoors

Car covers help prevent dings, dents, and scratches, as well as protecting your paint from natural hazards and damaging weather. If you leave your classic car outdoors for any length of time, it should be under a cover.

best car cover for outdoors

When selecting the best car cover for outdoors, the first question is, how often do you use the car? If it's your daily driver, a lightweight cover would be a good choice. They're easy to take on and off, and can usually be folded and stored in the trunk when not in use. Lightweight covers are also good for cars that are used only on weekends, like Sunday cruising.

Where you park is also a factor when choosing a car cover. If its parked in your driveway or on a quiet street, a lightweight car cover works well. But if your car is on a busy street with lots of kids and thru-traffic, consider a thicker, heavyweight outdoor car cover that provides some scratch, dent, and ding protection.

Natural Hazards

Keeping your classic car outside subjects them to sun damage, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt and dust. Without a car cover, your paint can get damaged quickly.

The heat of the Sun and harsh U.V. (ultraviolet) rays bake your car's interior and damage its paint. Having a car cover is a protective sunscreen, and lighter-colored covers add a reflective cooling effect. A car cover helps keep your vehicle cool, even in the sun.

car cover for outdoors

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U.V. rays can bake your interior and cook your paint. Most outdoor car covers feature heat-reflective properties, and some covers provide 100% U.V. protection. Some fabrics are actually the same as boat covers.

Outdoor car covers protect from bird droppings, which cause discoloration and can even damage paint. Tree sap is difficult to remove from your vehicle's paint. Trees also drop nuts and berries. If you park your car under a tree, put on the car cover!

Dirt and dust sits on your paint and becomes abrasive. These become small scratches. Dusty environments require a quality car cover that will the prevent dirt and dust damaging paint.

best car cover for outdoors

All-Weather Protection

Depending on where you live, you may have rainy springs, hot summers, or snowy winters. Choose a car cover that offers all-weather protection.

Some car cover fabrics are designed to keep out the damaging contaminants found in acid rain. Hard rain can find its way into tiny scratches or blemishes and start the corrosion process.

Car Cover Colors

Car covers are offered in many colors. If you live in a hot and sunny climate, choose a lighter-colored fabric for outdoor storage. A lighter-colored cover is also safer for your car's paint.

A Car Cover Is A Theft Deterrent

Thieves look for easy pickings. They'll usually pass over covered cars, because they take longer to get into. Adding a lock and cable underneath prevents the cover itself from being stolen (it happened to a neighbor of mine). Car covers also hide valuables from prying eyes.

best outdoor car cover
When I'm working on a project in the garage, one of my cars may stay outside for weeks at a time. But when it is outside, it's always under a cover.

Universal or Exact-Fit Car Cover?

Before I bought an exact-fit cover for my 1982 Corvette, previous covers had fit loosely, and on several windy days blew entirely off the car! An exact-fit car cover will go on tight, hug your car, and stay put in even the most severe winds.

best car cover for outdoors

One last note - No car cover is completely waterproof, nor do you want it to be. The fabric must be able to breathe in order to stop moisture from building up under the cover. Wrapping your car in a cheap tarp will hold moisture in, damaging the paint and the sheet metal.

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