Restoring An Old Car

With prices of classic cars sadly out of the reach of the average collector, more and more enthusiasts are turning to restoring their dream cars themselves. But like all dreams, there's plenty of work to be done before you get there.

restore an old car

If you're looking for an old car project to be an investment, you'll need to choose the car carefully, and then do most of the work yourself. I've been fortunate to have done this several times successfully, but I've also had a few projects, which after spending time and money, have abandoned for a loss.

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Classic car restoration is time-consuming. Having the right tools saves you time. You also need to set up your garage as effectively as possible.

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Take no shortcuts when rebuilding classic car brakes. If you notice a low brake pedal, it's probably a sign something is wrong. Having correct working brakes is the most important part of any old car restoration.

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Automotive bodywork is time-consuming, messy, and frustrating, but when done correctly, gives the most satisfying results. There is no shortcut or "easy way" to doing restoration-quality bodywork.

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If the vehicle in question is new to you and you have no history on it, there's no guarantee the motor will start. Getting an old car running again will not only depend on your efforts, but factors such as mileage on the engine, mechanical condition, etc. And if it's an original engine in a classic car, you may consider not even trying to start it, and instead make plans to remove it from the car and rebuild it.

Project Car Help

My E-book "Finish Your Project Car" offers practical tips to help you get on track - and keep you on track with your project car. Topics include planning, ordering parts, overcoming obstacles, and staying motivated.

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"Finish Your Project Car" E-book